5 Best Coffees in Auckland

No mucking round, straight in to it. This is the list of the 5 best coffees in Aucklands CBD. Yeah. 5 of the  best places to buy your next fix. Only coffees. This is not a list of the squishiest brownies or tastiest muffins. This is coffee! Based on my testing and re testing. Being an ex chef I can really appreciate a grand coffee. Im passionate about flavour and getting my moneys worth. Lets go

1. Rakinos

Rakinos Cafe Auckland CBD.

A rad bar to hang out in, situated upstairs with a veranda deck with tables and chairs perfect for spying from above. Choice music, club, electronic, reggae, hip hop, everything. Cafe by day, busy bar by night. Weekends free before 10pm. Been around for years as well.  This is a well funky joint.

Tried the long black. Several times. Nice and strong. Hell yes. Wicked. A cool atmosphere, large seating area and an old style looking bar. The hot milk for my coffee was delivered in the old style milk bottles NZ house-holds used to get in the 80s. But miniature.

2. Ben

Bens Cafe Auckland CBD.

A dedicated coffee shop. The cafes situated on Fort Street, among the tiny red light district of Auckland. Close to some of the hostels, its a short walk with no hills in sight. So after a mad night out head to Bens for a mean-as coffee and a chocolate salted brownie. For real. Chocolate salted brownie is the shiznick.

With comfy squishy seats, darkish interior, chilled atmosphere with mags and newspapers, you can sip away on a brew till the pain goes away. Clientele seem to be mostly office workers. Dont let this put you off. Seating outside, good for people watching, nice large windows that open out onto the street.

3. Mojo Cafe

Mojo Cafe Auckland CBD.

Based in Wellington but now in Auckland. Situated in multiple locations around the city centre; Queenstreet, Newmarket, Viaduct Harbour and Vulcan Lane. We tried Mojo in Vulcan lane, corner OConnell Street.

Tasted the flat white and the cappuccino. Both well made, the coffee I had was  strong and super smooth. Service was fast. Good tunes, a little loud though makes concentrating on cnoverstation difficult. But were here to drink coffee. Warm, rustic interior, wicked looking food, a little pricey, however youre working in the CBD, expect to pay more.

4. Sheinkin

Sheinkin Cafe Auckland CBD.

Sheinkin has been around for years delivering high quality food and strong coffee. So strong they have coffee bouncers out front. If you ask for a half shot, the bouncers sort you out! You can find this badass cafe on Lorne Street & corner of Victoria Street.

Weve been going here for about three years. The owner knows his regulars and meets and greets his clientele. French style windows open up at the front of the cafe, with outdoor seating the place is cool for people watching at street level. Bright, light, music (too quiet for me), a busy kitchen with great presented & tasty food. Clientele mostly suits with a few mods.

5.Johnny Wrays

Johnny Wrays Cafe Auckland CBD

A small like police box coffee shop on the High Street, right opposite Rakinos Cafe and Bar. Small and personal, open all the time. Free sweeties when you order a coffee. Nice and strong. We had a long black. $3.00. It nearly blew my head off.  Safe to say Ill be visiting again. The down side to this wee place is there is only two stools at the front. Great place to grab a takeaway coffee though.

I can see this place grooving along nicely. Maybe some louder music would be nice and another place to lean on while sipping the black medicine